Final Two Angry Birds Star Wars Trailers Revealed

FINALLY! I have been waiting anxiously for Rovio to release more information regarding its upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars title. I was actually hoping I would get to see some solid gameplay before the game drops on November 8th. Someone at the company must have heard me, because two more trailers for the title have been released on Rovio’s Youtube account. If you need a quick review before you delve into the videos below, then be sure to check out our other articles on the Angry Birds Star Wars epic:

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The first video gives us a glimpse at Obi Wan Kenobi, played by the short-fused (pun intended) black bird. The video shows a less than amused Obi Wan playing a pseudo game of copycat with the menacing looking Darth Vader, played by none other than the King Pig himself. After the small animated cut-scene, we get to see the Jedi master in action, but this time “blackie” is sporting a brand new power. Gone is his explosive attitude, and in its place we see a shiny “force push” type of explosion.

The second video is the one we have all been waiting for! This one-minute-long teaser showcases all of the powers in one fast-paced fly-by. We even get to see some new shots of the yellow bird bouncing his laser blasts off walls and the red bird deflecting lasers back at an enemy turret with his handy lightsaber. There is also a tiny little peek at the blue birds, who have been oddly absent during this round of official trailers. They appear to be playing the part of simple “rebel fighters” and still have the same ability of splitting into a trio.

We get to see a better idea of the levels we will be facing, too, and according to this trailer, there is going to be a mass of unique locations that adhere to the Star Wars universe. Seeing all these new features set against the iconic well-known blare of the Star Wars theme is enough to get anyone excited about this title!

So be sure to grab Angry Birds Star Wars when it hits the App Store on November 8th, and stay tuned with us to see our review regarding Rovio’s next Angry Birds installment.

Photo Credit: Rovio

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