Google brings big changes to Google Maps on CarPlay, announces Apple Watch app Google Maps is finally coming to the Apple Watch!

Google has announced big changes to Google Maps on CarPlay, and confirmed the launch of a new Apple Watch app for the first time.

Similar to the current iOS Google Maps app, the new Apple Watch app allows users to get directions on the go, whether they’re traveling by car, on foot, or via public transport, offering a quality alternative to Apple Maps on the Watch.

The Apple Watch app also introduces estimated arrival times to allow you to better plan your day, as well as step-by-step directions for commonly-used destinations like Home and Work.

For new locations, users will need to start navigation on an iPhone before transitioning to Apple Watch.

Google has also introduced new features for CarPlay, including Dashboard integration for the first time to allow users to switch and pause songs on the go.

It’s also now possible to rewind and fast-forward podcasts, audiobooks, and music whilst inside of the Google Maps app, and calendar appointments can also be checked without having to close Google Maps.

Speaking of the changes, a Google spokesperson said: “In the CarPlay Dashboard you can now switch or pause songs from your favorite media app, rewind or fast forward podcasts or audiobooks, or quickly check calendar appointments without ever leaving turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps.

“The information is displayed in a split-screen view so you can get the information you need while keeping your focus on the road.”

The new Google Maps for Apple Watch and CarPlay will roll out in the coming weeks. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know what you think and check back soon for more news.

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