Google Director Says India Could Make “The Next Facebook”

In the last few years, many tech companies in India have grown substantially. This dramatic change has led Rajan Anandan, Google India’s Vice President and Managing Director, to suggest that the country could produce the next major social media website.

Anandan has been quoted in The Economic Times stating that “India should not just be the home for the next Google, but also the next Facebook and Twitter.” He added that there are already signs of that emerging, noting: “Six years ago, India did not have a single unicorn in the technology startup space. Today, there are eight companies in India that are worth over billion dollars”.

This is especially impressive considering that, in Anandan’s words, “only two other countries in the world … have more billion dollar unicorns than India – China and the US”. However, he singled out broadband infrastructure as crucial to the future success of the country’s tech startups, pointing out: “We do not have enough bandwidth and we do not have broadband”.

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