Hermès Unveils New Knitted Band for Apple Watch, Elevating Luxury Wear Apple and Hermès have collaborated to introduce the new Hermès Tricot Single Tour band for the Apple Watch, blending luxurious design with contemporary functionality. This innovative accessory draws inspiration from 1930s Hermès gloves, offering a unique style and enhanced comfort for users.

Knitted Band
1930s-era Hermès Inspired | 41mm or 45mm Tricot Single Tour

The collaboration between Apple and Hermès continues to set new standards in the luxury wearables market with the launch of the Hermès Tricot Single Tour band for the Apple Watch.

This latest addition is a nod to the rich heritage of Hermès, taking inspiration from the brand’s 1930s gloves designed for driving, sailing, and golfing.

The statement from Apple highlights the band’s design philosophy, emphasizing the blend of historic elegance with modern innovation: “Patterned on 1930s-era Hermès gloves created for driving, sailing, and golf, the Tricot band takes what was old and makes it new again. The continuous textile knit comfortably hugs the wrist, imparting both a freedom of movement and a sense of élan.”

Crafted from polyamide yarn, a departure from the traditional silk used in other Hermès Tricot accessories, the band is designed for both durability and versatility. Its waterproof nature makes it suitable for various activities, including swimming, a feature it shares with other non-leather bands in the Hermès collection.

Available in four chic colors — Bleu Jean, Jaune de Naples, Orange, and Beige de Weimar — the Tricot Single Tour band is compatible with Apple Watch models sized 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm.

This release also signifies a shift towards innovative knitted designs within the Hermès collection, as it replaces the single and double tour Apple Watch Hermès Bridon bands.

1930s-era Hermès Inspired | 41mm or 45mm Tricot Single Tour

The Spring 2024 collection doesn’t stop with the Tricot Single Tour band. Apple has also introduced a vibrant range of accessories for the Apple Watch and iPhone, featuring 11 new Apple Bands and 13 new Hermès bands.

This assortment includes colorful Sport Loops and Sport Bands, as well as the $99 Braided Solo Loop bands for a fresh look. For those inclined towards Hermès’ luxurious craftsmanship, the collection offers the opulent $349 Toile H Single Tour and Twill Jump Single Tour bands, among others.

With the unveiling of the Tricot Single Tour band and the expanded Spring 2024 lineup, Apple and Hermès continue to pioneer in the fusion of fashion and technology.

This latest offering not only caters to a diverse array of preferences, but also underscores the commitment of both brands to delivering sophisticated, functional, and stylish wearable technology solutions.

1930s-era Hermès Inspired | 41mm or 45mm Bleu Jean Tricot Single Tour
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