How to attract new followers on Instagram

In October 2010, the mobile application Instagram appeared on the scene. At the beginning Instagram launched as a free mobile application for sharing visual content – images and videos. Since its development, the social platform has changed a lot. Now you can follow people, share content, communicate with your friends and meet people from all around the world. Moreover Instagram is considered as one of the most powerful methods that can help you to create a successful marketing strategy. In fact many people use Instagram as a source of money.

The social platform is so popular that it has more than a billion active users monthly. There are many worldwide famous brands using the application in order to maximize their income and improve their sales. However, almost every celebrity has their own Instagram page. This helps them to be closer to their fan base and to share their lives with the people who are interested in them. Well, we should mention that not only brands and celebrities are using the platform, millions of common people are there as well, moreover some of them managed to gain many followers and become famous on Instagram and now are now working together with brands as so called “influencers” and these people are getting paid by the brands for promoting products and services on Instagram. Although many people think that it is quite easy to gain many followers quickly, the truth is that the process of becoming popular on Instagram is not that easy. You should find the right promoting strategy that can bring you followers, likes, and comments on your publications in order to become popular on the social platform. So if your desire is to become popular on Instagram, continue reading this article and you will learn some tips and tricks that can help you with that.

  • Publish pictures with crystal clear quality. In order to develop your Instagram page correctly you should post content such as images and videos that are captured with a camera that captures images with high quality.  Low-quality content does not attract followers and engagement. The images should not be un-pixel and blurry because it could even affect the followers you already have, because they might un-follow you. However, if this happens, don’t worry, you can always increase your followers on Instagram, working with suppliers.

  • However it is important to have content with great quality, it should also be creative and stunning. You can try to use different filters on your images that Instagram provides. In fact, there are 40 different filters on the social platform that can improve the photo. Also, you can go one step ahead and you can download an application for photo editing. It may bring more engagement to your account and people may start sharing your publications which will definitely increase the traffic on your Instagram page.
  • Use the “Bio section” on Instagram correctly. In the “bio section” you should put a short description of you or your business niche. For example, if you have a website, you can put the URL to the website in the bio section. If you do that, people who check your Instagram account would probably visit your website as well. If you don’t have a website, you can put information about you – like your nationality, interests, age, etc. Or if you are running a contest, you can put some information about it in this section. 

The variety of options you have on Instagram in order to become popular are numerous. In this article we managed to mention some of these tools, however, there are many more.  

About the Author

Ivan Castilho is a citizen of the world; CEO at Mindfield Digital and Executive Director at AppleMagazine, and Techlife News. Ivan's been an avid Apple user and consumer since 2008, with a major in Marketing and extensive experience in strategic management and consulting for tech companies. Hobbies include photography, design, and music.