Instagram will soon allow you to post photos from a browser Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to share content from their internet browsers.

The social network has remained a predominantly smartphone-based network, and although some basic functionality has made its way over to the web in recent years, it’s still not possible to share or upload content to Instagram using a web browser or on a desktop computer, without using third-party plugins and software.

That is likely to change in the coming weeks, however, as developers have spotted the social network testing a new ‘share from desktop’ feature. Alessandro Paluzzi shared the news on Twitter, which suggests that the platform is working on a new feature that will allow users to upload photos and videos from a web browser.

It could soon be possible to drag and drop images from your macOS device to the Instagram web app inside of Google Chrome or Safari and share new content with your friends. Users will be able to drag and drop photos and videos, crop images, add filters, and add text, offering the same smartphone experience on the desktop.

We don’t know for certain if or when the new feature will launch, but it’s a promising discovery and sets the way for a new experience on Instagram. Remember that the social network does not yet have a dedicated iPad app – this new web app experience could indeed offer up new opportunities for iPadOS users, too.

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