iOS 15.5 causing charging issues on iPad mini

Got an iPad mini? Don’t upgrade to iOS 15.5: you’ll likely suffer charging issues.

According to the Apple Support Community, many users of the new iPad mini 6 are facing issues charging their devices after updating to iOS 15.5. Once the new version of the operating system has been added, the iPad battery does not charge, whichever cable or iPad charger you use.

Some consumers even report restoring their iPads from scratch in an attempt to fix the issue, but it does not appear to resolve it.

Although at first glance, it might appear as though this is a hardware issue, the reasons are software related. An internal memo has been sent to authorized service providers, first seen by MacRumors, revealing that Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

The company says that replacing the battery or even replacing the iPad mini with a new one won’t fix the issue. We don’t know for certain if or when Apple will resolve the issue, but with iPadOS 15.6 currently beta testing, the chances are that we’ll see a release sooner rather than later.

As a temporary fix, users with an iPad are being asked to reboot their device in an attempt to restore it.

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