iPhone 7 Similarity to iPhone 6S Further Hinted in New Pics

Next Month’s iPhone Said to be Genuinely Called the iPhone 7

NowhereElse.fr editor-in-chief Steve Hemmerstoffer, who posted new photos of a supposed iPhone 7 case earlier today, has now modified two of the images to show how an iPhone 6S could look in the case. These edited images further hint at a largely conservative design for the iPhone 7.

The second photo, clearly showing the pill-shaped hole over where the 3.5mm headphone jack would have been, suggests that this hole isn’t quite wide enough to accommodate use of such a headphone jack – or, at least, not while the case is on the phone. This further strengthens the theory that the hole is definitely there for a second speaker grille row.

Meanwhile, the first photo hints that the large camera hole on the back of the case has not necessarily been sized especially for a dual-lens camera, a predicted feature for some units of the iPhone 7 Plus. That’s because the hole seems an appropriate size for exposing both the single-lens camera and flash on the rear of the iPhone 6S.

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