iPhone Transfers: New iOS 13 beta suggests changes are coming

Apple has released the third iOS 13 beta, and with it, changes to the way users transfer content from one iPhone to another. This is a brand new feature not previously announced.

When you visit the Setup app when you first launch an iPhone, there’s a new option where you can set up a new device for the first time or reset an old one.

The new assets suggest that the company is set to introduce a new method of transferring data between its devices.

At present, users who set up a new device (for example, when getting a new iPhone) are able to restore a backup from iTunes or iCloud, with the latter option considerably faster, as users can physically transfer data from one iPhone to another when they’re close by.

These new assets, however, suggest that Apple is planning to introduce a new wired form of this backup and restore functionality.

New images spotted in iOS 13 code show two iPhones connected via a cable, which is unusual considering Apple doesn’t offer a Lightning-to-Lightning cable at present.

Whether this is foreshadowing the iPhone XI, which could introduce a USB-C port for the first time, remains to be seen, although it does make sense.

Still, it’s interesting to see that the company is looking for new ways to smooth the onboarding process and make it easier for consumers to upgrade their iPhone.

Perhaps this new functionality will only be available in Apple Stores, where staff can assist with a high-speed transfer when users switch from one iPhone to another in store?

Until iOS 13 is released, and the new iPhones alongside it, the chances are that we won’t know for sure.

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