Lakeshore Launches New Bubble Pop! Math Challenge Apps for Kids

Bubble Pop! Math Challenge App. (PRNewsFoto/Lakeshore Learning Materials)
Bubble Pop! Math Challenge App. (PRNewsFoto/Lakeshore Learning Materials)

Ready, Set, Pop! New Apps Offer Fast-Paced and Focused Math Practice

CARSON, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — Lakeshore Learning Materials, an award-winning developer of children’s educational products and interactive games, today announced the launch of two free apps for grades 1-2 and 3-4. Available now from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store, the Bubble Pop! Math Challenge apps help children build essential math skills while they race to pop bubbles with correct answers–before the bubbles splash into the pond!

Featuring a friendly, bubble-blowing frog and chameleon, Bubble Pop! Math Challenge encourages children to build proficiency by solving increasingly challenging math problems with speed and accuracy. The apps focus on all key skills: addition, subtraction, time and money (Grades 1-2), and multiplication, division, rounding and fractions (Grades 3-4). Within each skill area, there are multiple levels of play, and the only way to unlock the next level is to master the previous one, thereby motivating kids to keep progressing. Best of all, along the way, children receive congratulatory feedback and stars, incentivizing them to reach their ultimate high score. When players have finished all eight levels, they receive a fun completion badge.

“Bubble Pop! Math Challenge offers an incredible amount of fun and focused practice in a short amount of time,” said Eric Chyo, Lakeshore’s Director of Educational Software Development. “Kids might solve 60 math problems in 60 seconds, and they’ll have FUN while they’re doing it–which makes the apps an ideal opportunity to enhance what’s taught in the classroom.”

The new apps also allow you to create and save profiles for up to four players, making it easy for kids to start and stop whenever they want. Additionally, helpful score and progress reports allow parents or teachers to assess individual or multiple users’ performance anytime.

The Bubble Pop! Math Challenge apps are available on both Apple(R) and Android(R), as well as Kindle(R) devices. Grades 1-2 Addition and Grades 3-4 Multiplication are free; the other subjects for each app are available as in-app purchases for $0.99–or you can get all three for $1.99. To learn more about Bubble Pop! Math Challenge and the rest of Lakeshore’s apps, please visit

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