Peter Molyneux Laments Lionhead’s Decline in New Interview

Peter Molyneux Laments Lionhead’s Decline in New Interview

In March, Microsoft announced its shock decision to close the legendary games developer Lionhead Studios. In a new interview, the developer’s co-founder Peter Molyneux has provided insight into its decline.

Speaking to The Guardian, Molyneux – revered for overseeing such classic franchises as Black & White and Fable – recalls how Lionhead was formed after his earlier-established studio, Bullfrog, was tragically diluted in its “feeling of culture and inventiveness” after being acquired by Electronic Arts in 1995.

However, he adds, Lionhead itself began to struggle as it became flush with the commercial success of Black & White, which was released in 2001. Attempting to float Lionhead on the stock market, for example, led the developer to financially over-extend itself with more staff and projects.

Later, in 2006, Lionhead was acquired by Microsoft – and this led to further wrangles. The full interview, which chronicles Lionhead’s formation, rise, fall and demise, can be read on The Guardian’s website.

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