Resident Evil 6, Street Fighter: Popular video games turned into slot games

Street Fighter franchise
Street Fighter franchise

There is no doubt that video games have had a huge impact on popular culture all around the world, as there is a ton of evidence to support their popularity and how they have been a huge source of inspiration.

For instance, there have been a number of TV shows, films, music, and even books and cartoons developed after seeing how popular a video game character has been with players in the past.

Therefore, it perhaps does not come as a surprise that there is also a collection of slot games that have been developed from ideas that originally existed as video games, with many of the titles to have been released providing those that play with the same levels of entertainment, albeit being rewarding in a financial way.

These are just some of the top video games to have been made into slots over the years, with some having proved to be incredibly popular with gamers from both industries.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

Skywind decided to give the Resident Evil game franchise the online slots touch as they have released a number of different titles, including the Resident Evil 6 game that is playable for real money at Unibet Casino. 

The features visuals that are similar to those provided in the video game, whilst bettors will enjoy a great gameplay experience via the 5-reel grid and the 25 paylines that are available to form winning combinations on. There are a variety of different bonuses available, with many of the characters from the game combining with these features, whilst free spins and expanding icons can also appear.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter

Perhaps one of the most iconic video games to have ever been created and made available, Street Fighter was also given an opportunity to appear in the slot world, this time by NetEnt in their “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior” title.

Players can enjoy the same themes and visuals whilst playing across a 5-reel grid that pays out when clusters are formed, whilst each character available in the franchise will provide a different bonus feature when triggered. A return to player (RTP) rate of 96.06% and the high volatility level means bettors will be able to enjoy this game as much as they would have done down in an arcade or one of the very first games consoles.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider slot game

Obviously, there have been a number of games and movies to have featured Lara Croft as Tomb Raider, so it is no surprise that a number of different slot game titles were also created.

Having drawn inspiration from the archaeologist, Microgaming has managed to produce one of the most popular video game franchises into an excellent slot game option for bettors all around the world.

Just like the movies and her video games, the slots are packed with action as they feature a plethora of different bonuses and symbols that can be associated with the themes that have been created in the past. Add in the free spins element and bettors will feel they are on an adventure with Lara Croft!

Call of Duty

Call of Duty slot game

Although Tomb Raider might be considered one of the most popular game franchises to have ever been created, Call of Duty might just hold the number one spot when it comes to claiming that title.

The game series is synonymous around the world and is instantly recognizable, which is perhaps why Cryptologic decided to act and make a branded version for the slot game market. It features an array of bonus features across 25 different paylines that can each be used to form winning combinations.

Call of Duty franchise
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