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Looking for a quick brain-training session? There are plenty of mobile games that aren’t just fun, but also help develop your cognitive abilities. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training was one of the first mainstream hits on Nintendo DS. But brainy games have come a long way since then. And you can now sharpen your mind anywhere on your iPhone. So, would you rather pick memory games or tests of agility? Bring out your A-game with these six brain games available on iOS. 


Elevate comprises over 30 cognitive games that are both fun and mentally challenging. Players can, thus, put their minds to the test with five different kinds of development. Plus, these brain workouts are quick enough for you to enjoy them at your own pace. 

But the app really shines with its personalization features. Indeed, Elevate includes a system of adaptative difficulty progression. So, the better you get, the more demanding the games become. It also keeps detailed tracks of your performances. It’s no wonder that the app was named Apple’s game of the year in 2014.


Are you looking for a custom-tailored experience? Then Lumosity is the perfect fit. The app is one of the most popular brain games on mobile at the moment. Indeed, it allows users to build a personalized training program. It is up to you to select the aspects you want to prioritize. And it could be learning new subjects accurately, or perhaps improving productivity at work. 

Better yet, the Lumosity team involves several specialists in cognitive science. Therefore, all its mini-games have been thoroughly designed to train your brain effectively. And you can enjoy some of them for free. But to access the entire catalog, players must go for a premium monthly subscription.


If you think that brain-training games can’t go along with fun graphics, then you might reconsider. On iOS, Peak stands out with its cool design. It boasts over 40 fun-filled and engaging games. Besides, the app’s user interface is super immersive and responsive. 

But Peak is no brainless entertainment. Each game has been designed by neuroscientists in collaboration with game developers. As a result, the app’s workouts feel like actual games, but still, put your brain to a stimulating test. Besides, Peak offers a personal trainer to help you know where you need to improve.

Brain Wars

Do you like your game competitive? Brain Wars allows you to confront yourself with fellow players. So, take the brain-training experience up a notch and face your friends in real-time! You can also see how you fare against random players during international challenges and daily competitions.

The app features a range of neuropsychological games, from color matches and brainteasers to puzzles. And the games are tough enough to hone your skills against fierce competitors. But they’re also super fun to play. On the plus side, Brain Wars is ad-based, so you can enjoy it for free.


There is nothing like a good old table game to boost your brainpower. Blackjack, indeed, requires exceptional short-term memory. It implies quick mental calculations and solid memory recall. Not to mention a good chunk of strategy to beat the dealer’s hand. 

Being a casino staple, this card game is available on a lot of mobile casinos. To spice up the experience, some even offer live casino games on mobile. And there are many more strategy games for you to exercise your brain, from poker to baccarat. But you can also take a break from brainy entertainment and try your luck with fun-filled, free slots.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is an iPhone app and is similar to Scrabble. You’re given letters which you then have to form into a word. The larger the words and harder the letters, the more points you get. Once the first letter is formed, you’re opponent needs to build off your first word with his or her letters. You go back and forth, earning points until all the letters are used. Needless to say, it will challenge your brain to think!

If you find this game intimidating, try a tool that can unscramble words. Simply enter the letters you have, and it will give you words that you can play. Over time, this will improve your vocabulary.

Words with Friends


As far as brain games go, Sudoku is a classic. This timeless number-placement puzzle first made its way into newspapers. But it eventually hit mobile platforms in a more intuitive form. Indeed, many apps feature an instant verification of the cell, which makes the experience less tedious than on paper. 

Sudoku apps on iPhone and iPad abound. So, even though this 9×9 grid can seem complex at first, you can start easy. Gradually, you’ll catch up to the logic. And when the difficulty spikes, there’s nothing as rewarding as completing the most challenging Sudoku puzzles.

Brain games have become increasingly popular over the years since they seamlessly combine entertainment and cognitive development. So, bring out your iPhone and train your grey matter with the best brain-training games on mobile!

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