Twitter to introduce live tweet streaming, topic follows

Twitter is experimenting with two new features, expected to launch on their iOS and macOS apps in the coming months.

The company is currently testing a new option that allows users to stream tweets, which means that their timeline will constantly update when new tweets roll in.

In fact, this is a feature that was closer to the original Twitter before the introduction of its unique algorithm.

As you can see from Twitter user Matt Navarra’s screengrabs, Twitter users can stream tweets and see tweets as they’re published when they’re at the top of their timelines.

The new swipe-up feature allows users to choose between Top Tweets First, Latest Tweets and now Stream Tweets, offering a live view of what’s happening around the world.

Twitter introduced a toggle option for its Top Tweets feature earlier in the year with a new Star icon, following complaints that the network was no longer updating in real-time for important news stories.

Twitter was built on the ability to track and monitor stories as they happen and follow the conversation, and this latest step is an attempt for the company to reintroduce such behaviors.

Whilst the new feature won’t be of use for everyday users, it does offer the ability to switch to a more active real-time mode, without the need for manual scrolling or pulling to refresh.

Following topics on Twitter

In other news, the social network has also begun to roll out follow prompts for certain topics.

Twitter user WFBrother spotted the new Topic Lists open, where Twitter’s curation team builds lists of key accounts to follow for a particular subject.

The streams themselves are also curated to ensure each tweet is focused on the topic, preventing irrelevant content.

These new features are currently testing and are expected to roll out later this year to users around the world. They follow the worldwide rollout of searchable direct messages last week.

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