Upgraded PlayStation 4 “Neo” to be Unveiled Next Month?

It’s public knowledge that Sony is preparing to launch an enhanced version of its hugely popular PlayStation 4 console, but when exactly it will make its first appearance remains a mystery. Nonetheless, rumor has started circulating that September 7 will be the big day.

Earlier today, the French site Gameblog reported that Sony will provide fresh details about the “Neo”, as the upcoming console is internally codenamed, at an event in New York on that day. Later today, VICE corroborated this news, thanks to “multiple sources familiar with the planned rollout”.

Those sources are said to have opted to stay anonymous as “they are not authorized to speak publicly about Sony’s plans”. One source, who also reportedly decided to remain anonymous, said that the September 7 event will be a “technical showcase”, VICE further reported.

Very little can currently be said with confidence about the Neo. Sony has confirmed the console’s existence but little else. However, leaks by GiantBomb in April indicated that the Neo would be faster with its processor and memory, while a better graphics chip would allow for 4K resolution games.

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