User Friendly & Fun: Highly Rated Bingo Apps for iPhone Users Bingo has always been a social game, with its roots in various forms of lottery and gambling games popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. 


Today, bingo is enjoying an online revival as many people turn online to get their bingo fix. This article will examine some of the highly rate bingo apps for iPhone users. 

Why Play Bingo on Your iPhone?

With the advancement of technology and the wider spread of the internet, few people do not own a smartphone of one type or another. Convenience is the name of today’s game, which means that most people turn to their mobile devices to do much more than make a call. 

As mentioned, using your iPhone to play bingo is convenient and fun, with games that can be picked up anytime and anywhere you happen to be.  Most online bingo games also have an auto function that is helpful if you lose connection or have to stop playing. 

Bingo is a wonderful way to join with friends and family (via the live chat feature) whilst enjoying a few games when you are in with the chance of winning a juicy prize. However, there are a few tips to take onboard to find that perfect place to play before it’s ‘eyes down’ and the balls roll.

Helpful Hints on Choosing the Perfect iPhone Bingo App

Like any other online app, spending a little time checking out a few places to play makes sense, especially if you are considering spending money there. 

Reading reviews is a good way to start; after all, you probably use a comparison site for your car or home insurance and have read reviews on any goods you bought online. Therefore, it makes great sense to read some reviews on the bingo apps you are considering using. 

A reputable online bingo comparison site is, and is well worth checking out. This comparison site has thoroughly researched and reviewed each bingo offering before adding it to its pages, considering some of the most important factors that create a site worth visiting.

Established for over ten years, BingoSites has built a solid reputation for being honest and transparent with everyone concerned. Being honest and transparent means you get to read reviews that report the good and the bad aspects of any site they review.

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What a Bingo Site Review Should Include

Remember, not all bingo sites are as good as each other, and every day, someone loses money to a scam site. Below are some of the important factors any good bingo site will have in place, and if they don’t, you should leave well alone.

  • A good review will check whether the bingo site has a gambling license issued by a reputable gambling commission like the UK Gambling Commission. Remember, no license – it’s not worth your time or effort. All licensed sites must adhere to a strict code of practice to protect players and deter criminal activity such as fraud
  • Reviewers will check that the RNG (Random Number Generator) is independently audited and certified as true and fair. The RNG determines the outcome of all bingo games, and the certification link can be found at the bottom of the page
  • A review worth reading will look at the software providers to ensure only the top players in the online gambling software industry are providing your bingo games. Using the best software means that game choices and variations will be second to none, fair and immersive
  • Next, the review will compare bonuses and promotional offers, ensuring they are generous and have fair restrictions attached to them
  • Deposit methods will be checked to see if all the most popular and trusted banking options are available and that only the latest encryption software is used to keep your private details confidential 
  • The review will also check withdrawal times and any restrictions attached, such as which banking method you can withdraw funds into

A good review will also take an overall view of the site for its aesthetics, ease of navigation, extra information pages and the FAQ page. Of course, transparency and jargon-free information is also sought.

We all lead busy lives, so spending a little time reading reviews and checking out a few bingo sites you like the look of will certainly be worth it in the long run. Bingo is supposed to be fun and full of laughter, so finding the right site from the start is a bonus.

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