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A Wish List Application That Can Save You Money While You Shop

Looking for a way to secretly hint to people what you want for Christmas this year but don’t want to just awkwardly tell them? The Wish app is here to help feed your most-wanted list to everyone … for free. This clever creation acts like a miniature Pinterest with a small twist. Wish not only allows you to post the kinds of things you’re looking for and share them with friends but also gives you coupons and cash incentives towards the things you desire. Imagine that, an application that pays you to wish for things.

You can grab Wish for free from the App Store, and since it uses Facebook integration, there is no need to go through a complex signup process. When I said this app operated a lot like Pinterest, I wasn’t kidding. It has the same page-by-page tiled view and gives you the ability to “pin” (wish) and follow users. You can even create custom wish lists with their own categories (just like Pinterest’s “board” feature). When it’s all said and done, Wish looks almost identical to Pinterest, but it does contain one key difference that helps to separate it from the popular social media site.

Wish not only gives you easy pricing information on things as you are browsing, but the app will also send you push notifications if items you have saved go on sale, and you can even unlock rewards and coupons towards the purchase of specific items. It’s a shoppers best friend, and it can help you achieve your wish list goals much faster than most other list creation apps. Just like Pinterest, individuals can add new listings to the app with the tap of a button. You’ll even get credit for uploading something new.

I used to be an avid Pinterest user, but ever since I discovered Wish, I’ve been addicted to it. It’s incredibly easy to use, well organized, looks great, and saves me money. But best of all, it gives me an idea of what to get all my friends for Christmas, and it lets me showcase all the gifts I’d love to receive. You”ll definitely want to grab this app. If anything, it’s a great way to learn about new products you may be unaware of.

Photo Credit: Wish

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