Apple asking staff to return to work in coming weeks

Apple is reportedly planning a gradual return to work for its staff in the coming months.

According to a Bloomberg report, the company has been working on a new blueprint to ensure that it can continue to innovate and develop products, whilst looking after its staffers.

Though most Apple employees have been able to adapt to working from home, some, particularly those who are working in product development, are a key target for Apple, with the company keen to get them back in the offices to work on new products and innovations.

The report suggests that Apple has already begun the first phase of its return to work plan, and offices will see staffers return to work later this month.

In the second phase, Apple will see “even more employees” return to work, slated to kick off in June and July of this year.

A Bloomberg source said: “This week, senior Apple managers are beginning to inform employees if they are in the first phase or a later part of the process.

“During the first phase, employees will either be asked to work from the office regularly or only for certain periods depending on their role, the company has told staff.”

With the COVID-19 crisis continuing to affect virtually every aspect of our lives, it’s important to stress that these plans may change and with short notice.

Some Apple employees have continued to work from offices since the pandemic kicked off to keep its operations running, and the next group will no doubt add to that essential team as part of its hardware division.

The report also revealed that Apple has had to “dial back” some of its upcoming plans for new products and services due to the pandemic, particularly its planned virtual reality and augmented reality headsets.

Work on those will no doubt resume when COVID-19 dies off.

Bloomberg also revealed that this year’s WWDC will be filmed partially from home, with engineers filming their demonstrations in advance. This goes against previous suggestions that Apple was working on streaming keynotes from its Apple Campus for select workers.

Are you surprised to see Apple asking employees to return to work so soon? Do you have any first-hand experience? Let us know your thoughts and check back soon for more news.

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