Apple planning to introduce new Powerbeats Pro colors

Apple is reportedly planning to release a batch of Powerbeats Pro in new colors.

According to a rumor on Chinese social network Weibo, the company is working on new bright colors for the spring season, with pink, blue, yellow, and red models coming soon.

WaveTech shared the news on Webio and has a proven track record of sharing reliable and up-to-date information about Apple’s upcoming plans, presumably because they are close to the production line.

This latest rumor has attracted a lot of attention in the Apple world, and thus is all-but-confirmed, with Apple planning to drop them in the next few weeks.

Apple first launched the Powerbeats Pro in black, ivory, navy, and moss back in April 2019, so introducing new color options a year later sounds like a feasible idea, especially in today’s current climate where consumers need headphones for workouts and working from home.

In the past, Apple has released Beats headphones and then updated them with new color options a year later, refreshing the lineup and encouraging consumers to upgrade. It, therefore, doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the Powerbeats Pro will be refreshed.

It had previously been reported that Apple was planning to launch a new version of the Powerbeats Pro, but a leaked document revealed that they were a minor upgrade.

It’s unknown whether the new color options will have any internal tweaks, but we’ll know for sure in the next couple of weeks when Apple lifts the lid on them, perhaps even before WWDC.


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