Apple drops plans for increased iPhone 14 production due to lower demand

Apple has reportedly cut back plans to boost production of the iPhone 14 range.

The company reportedly asked suppliers to begin ramping up production on the iPhone 14 due to strong demand and high expected holiday season sales, but Apple has now reversed these plans, meaning the company no longer expects bumper sales.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has not seen “strong enough” iPhone 14 sales to justify the increase in supply, and that “an anticipated surge in demand failed to materialize.” Apple would typically increase production at this time of the year to meet the demand for the holiday period, which starts October, but it appears as though demand for the new iPhone is not quiteas strong as first hoped.

It had previously been suggested that Apple would up production on the new iPhone by as many as 6 million units to meet demand, but this has now been scrapped.

The news comes just days after Ming-Chi Kuo reported Apple was working with Foxconn to boost production of the iPhone 14 Pro by 10%. He believes that the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 14 are seeing much higher demand than the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, which saw relatively minor upgrades over the iPhone 13. Indeed, Apple added a slightly improved processor, new camera features, and satellite connectivity, but the standard model is almost the same as the iPhone 13. The new iPhone 14 Plus replaces the previous iPhone 13 mini.

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