Apple Issues Update to Mac Users for ‘Goto Fail’ Security Hole


Apple has issued an update for Mac users that fixes a security hole identified last week that is known as the “Goto fail” bug.

The security issue potentially makes it possible for hackers to intercept and even modify information users send from their Macs, iPads and iPhones to trusted services in what is known as a man-in-the-middle attack.

Apple corrected the gap for its mobile devices with an update over the weekend, but the tech community had been waiting for the company to also resolve the problem for Mac computers.

The Cupertino tech giant sent out the fix Tuesday morning. Users of Mac OS X Mavericks as well as Mac OS X Mountain Lion are urged to download and install the update immediately.

Discovery of the security flaw spurred controversy, with some saying that Apple may have intentionally inserted the issue into their operating systems as a way to give the National Security Agency a so-called back door to see what users do on the Internet.

Last year, Apple was among about a dozen tech companies reported to be providing the NSA access to users’ secure information as part of a program known as PRISM. Apple and the other companies have vehemently denied creating back doors for spy agencies.

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