Apple launch a new website for budding photographers

A new iPhone 7 video series entitled “How to Shoot on iPhone 7,” has been launched by Apple on a new website that features a range of tutorials.

The videos are also featured on Apple’s YouTube channel and have been designed to teach those with an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus how to use their camera to capture different types of photos including panoramas, action shots and portraits.

The videos are only approximately 40 seconds long but they feature step-by-step tutorials on how to use each feature. Here’s how to use your iPhone in portrait mode…

All of the videos are incredibly simple and easy to understand so even the most amateur photographer will be able to have a go. They all have one or two steps…

The How to Shoot website has more videos that aren’t currently on YouTube and are a lot more specific so great for those who are a bit more experienced with the camera. The tutorials will show you how to shoot in the best light, how to capture a group portrait and how to shoot a backlit subject.


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