Apple does not consider “slightly bent” iPad Pros to be defective…

Apple have confirmed today that some of their latest iPad Pros will ship slightly bent. They’re calling it a “very slight bend” in the aluminium chassis, apparently as a result of a cooling method involving the plastics and metal within the device. They’ve also promised that the bend should not affect the device performance in any way at all, so as such they do not consider it a defect – or indeed eligible for a discount.

Apple had been goaded into confirming the bend in the iPads after several customers came forward on social media and forums to point out the apparent error. However, there did seem to be a bit of a divide in the complaints, with some believing that it happened naturally over the course of time and others swore blind they took their bent iPad straight out of the box. Now that Apple has admitted to the latter, it makes you wonder what has really happened. Probably a mix of both.

Those who are particularly annoyed by the bend in their iPad should be able to return and exchange their devices within the normal 14 day returns policy, no questions asked. But after that, it is unclear whether a refund or exchange will be granted based upon the bend alone. Given that Apple have already hastily announced that they do not consider the bend to be a defect, a refund or exchange doesn’t seem too likely right now. But perhaps, since Apple have not had a return rate higher than normal for 2018, people with a bent iPad are just happy to live with it.