Apple have released a new advertisement via their YouTube channel to promote both the iPhone 7 and the iOS 10 iMessage sticker feature. The video brings stickers to life and features people running around, applying a variety of bright colored, animated cartoon stickers to others, showing the stickers that are available via iOS.

These sticker packs are part of the Messages App Store, which lets developers create apps that can be used in iMessage. Users can resize stickers, put them on top of chat bubbles and add them to photos simply by dragging. A lot of the sticker packs features have been designed by indie artists as well as major companies such as Disney. There’s a ton of pop culture references, making it obvious exactly which demographic Apple are trying to target.

Apple has promoted other iOS 10 features available for Messages but this is the first ad to focus solely on stickers. The ad is part of the “Practically Magic” campaign that has also included ads to promote the expressive message feature, the low-light camera and the weatherproof phone.