Apple reportedly blocking Spotify iOS app updates


Apple is reportedly blocking updates to the Spotify app on iOS.

According to the New York Times, Apple has repeatedly rejected Spotify’s latest update three times.

It’s the latest issue in the long-running battle between the two companies. Spotify has made it public that it does not agree with Apple’s decision to take 30% of all Spotify in-app purchases, and says that it’s uncompetitive because of Apple’s own Apple Music streaming service. Apple, on the other hand, argues that Spotify is trying to bypass App Store rules, and the latest argument is over a new audiobooks update.

Spotify’s ongoing critique of Apple meant that last year, Apple changed its App Store rules so developers can let users know about other payment options outside of their iOS apps. Spotify, however, is not allowed to add a button in the app to request emails or pay via third-party apps or websites.

Since then, Spotify has released a number of updates to its app to help users pay for audiobooks, but Apple keeps rejecting them. In the latest version of the app, Spotify says “It’s not ideal” when users try to purchase an audiobook and cannot.

Are you surprised to hear this drama continuing? Who do you think is in the wrong? Let us know and check bak soon for more news and rumors.

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