Apple rolling out enhanced Apple Maps in the UK and Ireland Big changes are coming to Apple Maps in the UK.

Apple is now testing and rolling out Apple Maps enhancements in the United Kingdom.

According to Justin O’Beirne, and as first reported by MacRumors, Apple has started testing an updated version of its Apple Maps product in the United Kingdom and Ireland, bringing in new details to better compete with rival mapping software such as Bing and Google Maps.

To test the enhancements, Apple is showing updated maps to some UK and Irish iOS users, though the changes aren’t yet available to everyone. It’s expected that, as Apple irons out the final kinks in the coming weeks, the company will roll out the update across the UK.

Earlier in the year, Apple confirmed that it was bringing an updated version of Apple Maps to Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom later in the year, following an update in the US in 2019.

The company didn’t offer dates, but with the UK and Ireland release now imminent, it’s expected Canada will follow suit and perhaps be included in the upcoming iOS 14 update.

The refreshed Apple Maps experience offers more depth and detail, including airports, buildings, parks, car parks, and roads. Apple has been using its own Apple Maps vehicles in the UK and Ireland for a number of years, equipped with LiDAR sensors and cameras.

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