Apple Store has ‘secret program’ where polite customers get perks

According to a former Apple Store employee, the company has a special program where retail employees can “surprise and delight” polite customers with perks and rewards.

A new video from @Tanicornerstone on the platform revealed: “secrets only employees know.” She revealed that she used to work for the Cupertino technology company, and said that rude customers are dealt with professionally and promptly, revealing “you’ll get your problem fixed most likely, however, you’re going to pay for it!”


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However, each staff member has a number of “surprise and delight” instances where they can go above and beyond their normal service for “amazing customers”.

She went on to say that some customers would come in with water damaged phones, and though Apple’s store policy is not to fix those without a fee, they could at times offer a totally free replacement.

Other Apple Store customers and employees backed up Tani’s claims in the comments, but others refuted the claims and said that programs like this have since been discontinued. 

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