Apple to Enhance Support for Third-Party Displays & Batteries in 2024 Apple has announced upcoming improvements to iPhone compatibility with third-party displays and batteries, set to be implemented later this year.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

In a recent whitepaper, Apple detailed its commitment to device repairability and longevity, revealing plans to better support third-party components in 2024.

Starting with displays, Apple will enable the True Tone feature to work with third-party iPhone screens later this year.

True Tone, which adjusts display color to match ambient light, currently requires precise calibration and is disabled for third-party displays due to potential performance issues.

Apple will allow True Tone activation with third-party displays, providing the best possible performance. Users will have the option to deactivate True Tone in Settings if the display does not meet their expectations.

Additionally, Apple will enhance support for third-party batteries by displaying battery health metrics such as maximum capacity and cycle count, which are currently unavailable for third-party batteries.

Apple’s internal analysis found that some third-party batteries are secondhand with manipulated health metrics.

To address this, Apple will show these metrics with a disclaimer stating that the information cannot be verified by Apple, cautioning that third-party battery metrics may not be accurate.

These updates are expected to be part of the iOS 18 rollout later this year, although Apple did not specify the exact timing in the document.

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