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Apple to Release Cheapest MacBook Air Yet in 2016?

You might not be that surprised to learn that Apple is said to be readying a new MacBook Air for release early next year. What may surprise you, however, is that the laptop could turn out to be sold at a lower price than any other MacBook Air that Apple has previously released.

Master Herald has stated that the next MacBook Air will be brought out at the low retail price of $899. It is unclear whether this price, should it indeed be planned, will be the standard price or charged for a strictly limited period, as Master Herald calls it an “introductory offer”. The website does, however, also refer to it as mere “speculation at this point”, pending official confirmation or denial from Apple.

The website also states, on the basis of reports, that the next MacBook Air could be formally unveiled by Apple this October, but not actually released until the following March. This is attributed to the next Air using the Intel Core M-based Skylake processors that will not be available in sufficiently large quantity until the fourth quarter of 2015, forcing a delay on Apple’s part.

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