Apple Watch Feedback Flying In

Consumers all around the world are posting reviews on the Apple Watch after the wearable tech started shipping last week. One blogger has uploaded a video about the device and branded it “solid”, saying it “feels great on the wrist”. Curtis Paradis said that the Watch was the same weight, or even lighter, than its wearable rival the Pebble.

Paradis wore the watch for twenty-four hours before posting a detailed review. He said he was satisfied with the battery life, saying it was not an issue and claiming critics were “blowing it out of proportion”. The blogger said it was unfair to compare the device to the iPhone and the iPad as it is a different proposition entirely. Paradis said that the device was based on notifications, and called the ability to read incoming messages by looking at your wrist “amazing”. He said the way it enabled to respond to messages and answer incoming calls was “awesome”, whilst describing Glances as a “great addition”.

Paradis plans to post more of his thoughts later this week, saying that the Apple Watch isn’t simply “an iPhone on your wrist. It has a different purpose”. The Canadian can be followed on Twitter here.

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