Apple Watch Series 8 could have a 5% larger display

Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 8 could feature a slightly larger display.

According to a report from Ross Young, Apple’s next smartwatch will add another size option for consumers, reportedly 1.99-inches in size diagonally. This would correspond to previous reports that Apple would offer three Apple Watch sizes.

The new ‘high-end’ 2-inch Apple Watch model would be larger than the 1.691-inches offered on the 41mm model and the 1.901-inches on the 45mm model, marking a 5% increase in screen real estate. It’s unknown why Apple will add a new slightly larger model – it could perhaps form part of plans for a new rugged Apple Watch.

Last year, it had been reported that Apple was working on an Apple Watch with a new flat edge design, but the watch remained virtually the same, minus a larger screen with smaller bezels. Plans for the redesign were scrapped due to issues with manufacturing, but it could be that Apple has now resolved these issues.

Seperately, Apple is working on a “rugged’ Apple Watch model this year that would be designed for explorers and have a similar design to a G-Shock. Introducing this model would add another string to Apple’s bow and allow it to compete with the likes of Garmin, which continues to hold a large market share in the sports sector.

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