Apple will support AirTags and third-party tracking tools from iOS 14.3

Apple will reportedly support third-party tracking accessories and AirTags from iOS 14.3, according to references found in the operating system’s beta code.

This suggests that Apple could be planning to launch AirTags in the coming weeks, perhaps as a pre-holiday product.

As part of the new operating system, Apple has included videos and images of setting up AirTags on an iOS device, and a new section in the Find My app references a Hawkeye codename, which not only represents AirTags but third-party tracking accessories like Tile.

The new software is designed to guide users around setting up their new tracking accessories and putting them in their bags, on their keychains, or in their suitcases. Then, it’ll be possible to track those items in real-time using the Find My network. Apple revealed that AirTags and third-party trackers can be used offline with Bluetooth, similar to how Find My works for iPhones, iPads, and other compatible devices.

It’s also possible to link AirTags to an Apple ID, so they won’t work with others’ devices if they find them. In the leaked code, Apple warns users that “Removing this item will allow it to be set up and used by another person and it will no longer be linked to your Apple ID.”

It had been expected that Apple would announce AirTags at one of its special events this September, October, or November, but the release date is yet to be decided. Apple could surprise us with an online announcement, or hold off until the first quarter of 2021 instead.

Are you looking forward to AirTags? Let us know and check back soon for more news.

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