Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2018

With the rise of AI at CES 2018, it’s somewhat safe to predict that we will see major improvements in AI in 2018. Samsung just announced their very own smart refrigerator, ran by their own digital assistant Bixby and Google announced there are working on their Google Assistant this year, which is now available on more than 400 million devices.

Seamless communication

 It is becoming increasingly painful to dictate a text, only for Siri to misunderstand almost every word. Developers of all digital assistants are working hard to make communication with their assistants as seamless as possible. This would be big for businesses as well as personal users. Amazon is already working hard to programme Alexa to recognize speech patterns that could indicate suicidal thoughts. Developments such as these could not only improve our relationship with our digital assistants but it could work to save lives.

AI becomes mainstream

Already software companies who have not adopted some form of artificial intelligence are lagging behind. The sale of AI products is predicted only to increase, and having a digital assistant in your home slowly becoming the norm. Our assistants will gradually learn more about our daily routines and our likes and dislikes, until one day they can order exactly what food you need. It is possible that our assistants will even become somewhat empathetic as we continue to build our relationship with them.

AI helps save lives

 Self-driving cars are already on the horizon with the likes of Intel showing off its first self-driving car at CES 2018. Nvidia and Uber announced Uber’s taxis will use Nvidia’s chips for an artificial intelligence computing system for a new fleet of self-driving cars. It is also possible that technology will be developed that enables a car to take over control from its driver when they show signs of fatigue. AI could also help improve driver’s reaction time and ultimately improve safety on the road.

Facial recognition will replace the credit card

 Thanks to AI, it is possible that facial recognition will replace the credit card as well as driver’s licenses. This is likely to be a long way off and its unlikely we will see the likes of this in 2018. Sweeden is already on its way to becoming a cashless society, could we be next?

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