A Christmas break for iTunes Connect…

Everyone likes a break at Christmas. No wonder it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, and the employees at Apple are no exception. Apple may seem like the company that never sleeps, but the trendy technology giant is keeping its holiday tradition this year and temporarily closing down iTunes Connect for a few days.

iTunes Disconnected from 23rd December…

From 23rd to 27th December, developers will be unable to make any pricing changes to their apps. If you’re an app developer and are considering offering any holiday specials or discounts on your product, you’ll need to make those changes before the 23rd December, when the staff will start taking a hard-earned break.

Five consecutive dark days is often unheard of over the holiday period for a company such as Apple, but its generous decision has been met with positive feedback.

Developers – get in touch!

Still, Apple is currently urging developers to get in touch now if they want to lock in any Christmas specials for their apps, and are reminding them that, over the five-day rest period for App Store staff, no app submissions will be considered.

This seems more than fair given that, in the rest of the year, Apple’s policy is to assess and either approve or disapprove an app for their App Store in less than a day.

Also, if a developer really needs to access their iTunes Connect account, they will be able to. All other features – other than the ones already mentioned – will be available. However, we suggest that, like the folks at Apple, you give yourself a well-earned break over Christmas, too!

If you’re one of the lucky millions who unwraps an Apple gift this Christmas, don’t panic. Only iTunes Connect (a service designed for use by digital content providers) will be shut down. You’ll still be able to download apps and spend your iTunes gift cards  on your shiny new iPad.