Google announces Android 10, rebrand, and end to dessert-themed names

Google has announced that the next version of Android will be named Android 10.

The technology giant also revealed that it has decided to move away from its dessert-themed names such as Ice Cream, KitKat, and Mashmallow, and move towards numbers in a similar manner to Apple with iOS.

Speaking of the change, Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management at Android said: “Over the last decade, Android’s open platform has created a thriving community of manufacturers and developers that reach a global audience with their devices and apps.

“This has expanded beyond phones to tablets, cars, watches, TVs and more—with more than 2.5 billion active devices around the world.

“As we continue to build Android for everyone in the community, our brand should be as inclusive and accessible as possible—and we think we can do better in a few ways.”

“First, we’re changing the way we name our releases. Our engineering team has always used internal code names for each version, based off of tasty treats, or desserts, in alphabetical order,” he added on the Google blog.

“This naming tradition has become a fun part of the release each year externally, too. But we’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community.”

Android’s new naming structure now follows iOS.

Although Apple will release iOS 13 this year, Android was released just over a year after the original iPhone, but several of its updates were considered incremental to the Version 4.0 rather than standalone releases.

Alongside a new naming structure, Android has revealed a new look with a revamped logo that takes “inspiration from the most recognizable non-human member of the community, the Android robot.”


Android 10 is expected to be released in the coming weeks, although unlike on iOS, the update will only be available for select Android models until manufacturers approve and push the software update.

For some carriers, this can take months or even years, though Google is planning to change how this works in the future.

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