The latest attempt by PC companies to compete with Apple’s Macbook Air are the “Ultrabook” laptops that are being released. One company that just joined that crew is HP and it looks like they want to take the Apple imitations to the next level. The HP Spectre one desktop PC according to Appleinsider.com is a blatant clone of the iMac.

“Matthew Panzarino of the NextWeb announced the new HP model with the headline “HP introduces new Apple iMac,” calling it “painful to look at” and saying it “looks like absolutely nothing other than a complete clone of Apple’s iMac.”

The new HP doesn’t have the identical aluminum bezel as Apple’s iMac line, but does trade in HP’s typical black plastic case for a design that appears to be Apple’s Cinema Display.

The world’s largest PC company by unit sales even paired its new model with a slim wireless keyboard and trackpad that look identical to the designs Apple first released for the revised aluminum iMac in 2007”.

The surprising aspect to this story is after the headlines being dominated so often by Apple taking legal action based design infringement, why would HP release hardware that is a basic clone of the iMac? Another question that rises is will we ever live in a world where Apple won’t be the benchmark for hardware design?

Photo Source: Appleinsider.com 

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