iOS developers can now issue coupons for free subscriptions and trials Free and discounted subscriptions are coming!

iOS developers can now access a new feature that allows them to offer coupon codes for trials, deals inside of apps, and discounted auto-renew subscriptions. 

Apple says that the new feature will offer developers “unique, alphanumeric codes” that will make it easier to “acquire, retain, and win back subscribers.” The idea is to use the codes to promote applications online, offline, and to existing subscribers via email campaigns.

With these new codes, Apple will offer developers one-time code URLs that will redirect users to redeem them inside of the app.

The codes will work on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, and work for new and existing users. These codes can offer free access to a service, or a discounted subscription for an indefinite period or for a limited time, for example in the way that Apple offers users a one-year free subscription to Apple TV+ via the App Store.

“Later this year, you’ll be able to acquire, retain, and win back subscribers with subscription offer codes: unique, alphanumeric codes that provide free or discounted prices for auto-renewable subscriptions,” Apple says on its App Store Guidelines website.

“Provide your one-time use codes digitally or offline at physical events, alongside products, and more. Customers on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later can redeem offer codes on the App Store, through a one-time code redemption URL, or within your app if you’ve implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API.”

Are you pleased to see Apple introduce this feature? Check back soon for more information.

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