Apple says 300,000 jobs created through iOS app economy during pandemic The App Store ecosystem now supports more than 2.1 million US jobs across all 50 states.

Apple says that the iOS app economy helped to create 300,000 new jobs in the United States since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, suggesting that COVID-19 has had a positive impact on the industry, rather than slowing down sales and development progress.

According to a new press release, iOS apps now directly or indirectly support 2.1 million jobs in the United States. Speaking of the news, a spokesperson for the company said: “The iOS app economy has created nearly 300,000 new jobs since April 2019, helping to provide opportunities for Americans of all ages even as COVID-19 continues to create immense challenges and uncertainty for communities across the country.

“Developers nationwide — including companies such as Caribu, H‑E‑B, and Shine — have adapted their businesses to make sure they can keep supporting their customers during a challenging time.”

“Despite the pandemic, the App Store continues to provide economic opportunities for entrepreneurs of all sizes, helping anyone with an idea reach customers around the world and take advantage of new opportunities that would never be possible without it.

“The App Store ecosystem now supports more than 2.1 million US jobs across all 50 states — an increase of 15% since last year — as part of the 2.7 million jobs Apple supports across the country.”

Apple says that the increase in jobs comes down to the increased importance of apps during the pandemic. “Apps have become even more critical to Americans’ everyday lives as they seek out new and safe ways to learn, work, and stay engaged with friends and family during the pandemic,” the company said in a press release. “The App Store provides support for remote ordering from restaurants, vibrant and impactful remote learning for students, telehealth for patients and doctors, and digital commerce for small businesses.”

The news comes at a time when the App Store is under increased pressure from businesses and governments. Apple has fiercely defended its 30% App Store commission, but firms like Epic Games and governments such as Russia have said that this gives Apple a monopoly.

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