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Leaked Print Info Hints iPhone 6S Storage Will Start at 16GB

About two months ago, we reported that close study of an iPhone 6S logic board revealed that it had a storage chip of 16GB. This strongly suggested that, despite increases in iOS file and application sizes, the next iPhone would be available as a 16GB model. Now, a fresh leak of what looks like an instruction sheet for the iPhone 6S further strengthens that theory.

The leak has come from experienced tech leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, who posted a photo of this instruction sheet to his personal Twitter page. Clearly displayed in large text at the top of the page, which regularly refers to the iPhone 6S, is ’16GB’.

Though the sheet, provided that it is genuine, does not clearly indicate anything about the storage options of the expected larger iPhone 6S Plus, there is no obvious reason why Apple would avoiding offering this at 16GB as well. In any case, the availability of a 16GB iPhone 6S could, in a tough smartphone market, help Apple to maintain the current entry price for the latest line of its flagship handsets.

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