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Recent Apple leak reveals exciting new iPhone 8 feature

A brand new report from the Nikkei Asian review has reported that the new iPhone 8 (or X, as it may be dubbed) will be released alongside an updated iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Although the 7’s will have some much needed updates, the 8 is still undoubtedly set to be the star of the show.

Features of the updated 7’s are said to be improved camera technology and hardware improvements but the iPhone 8 will still steal the spotlight with rumors of edgeless OLED display, improved battery life and a 5.8 inch display.

“The upcoming iPhone, to be launched this fall, will come in three configurations — two with liquid crystal displays and one with a 5.8-inch organic light-emitting diode display. By adding more large-screen options to the lineup to meet growing demand for BIG, Apple intends to raise the average iPhone price, which has already gone up by about 10% in the past three years to nearly $700.” – Nikkei Asian Review

This means the iPhone 8 will have the biggest display of not only all previous iPhone models but every current smartphone on the market today. For those worried about the issue of size, this will be achieved through the shrinking of bezels to make it even smaller than the current iPhone 7 plus. Nikkei also claims that this will be the most expensive iPhone ever released by Apple, which ties in with a recent report from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo that i will cost an excess of $1,000.

Back in October, Nikkei started a rumor which suggested the new model would have a 5 inch display but the hoards of new information that we’ve had regarding the 8 sit nicely with the idea of a larger screen, although only 5.15 inches will be “usable” as the rest will be used as an area akin to the Touch Bar on the new Macbook Pro which adapts to whatever the user is doing. Of course, we’ve already heard countless times that the home button will finally be removed.

Other rumors for the new model include added elements of AR which would include facial recognition technology. Whatever happens, the new model is shaping up to be the most advanced smartphone yet.

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