Rumours suggest charging technology for Apple Pencil is too expensive for the 2019 iPad Air and Mini

The iPad Mini of 2019 is to be marketed as a low-cost model. Both the Mini and the iPad Air are likely to be tailored towards the education market, however, their low prices are set to come at a cost where accessories are concerned. Design and technology blogger John Gruber proposes that the “inductive charging data port” for connecting a second-generation Pencil is expensive enough without making it compatible to the new models.

Although it may not be prohibitive for the Air and Mini, the second-generation Pencil heeds many advantages over its predecessor. Its main benefit is considered to be its ability to magnetically attach to a 2018 iPad Pro. Not only does this solve both charging and storage issues, but also means that you’re less likely to find yourself in a fluster should you mislay the Pencil.

The updated Air and Mini have also been redesigned with flat magnetic edges, beyond inductive technology. Admittedly, Apple could have introduced a Lightning port to the second-generation Pencil; however, this would mean also introducing a removable cap. And a removable cap means an accessory that is easily lost.

The main changes to the new Air and Mini relate to performance upgrades, few adjustments are major changes. Enhancements that both models will receive will include A12 processors, True Tone displays, an option of 256 GB of storage, and support for the first-generation Apple Pencil. The Air will also feature a 10.5-inch display.

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