Several New Flyover Locations Added to Apple Maps

Several New Flyover Locations Added to Apple Maps

Apple has today added a number of new Flyover locations to its Maps app for Mac and iOS. Places in Hawaii, Japan and Germany are among those just given the Flyover treatment.

Flyover has been a key feature of Maps since the app was launched with iOS 6 three years ago, and allows users to see various select areas around the globe recreated in 3D graphics. MacRumors has posted a complete list of the Flyover locations added today.

Apple Maps has developed into a very credible alternative to the longer-established Google Maps. We decided to pay a virtual visit to Bielefeld, and you can see the freshly-added Flyover version of the German city in our screenshot. Hawaii’s Big Island, Switzerland’s Basel and the Czech Republic’s capital city Prague are also in the list of new Flyover inclusions.

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