Snapchat launches WeChat Mini Program rival The social network hopes this will help it compete with TikTok.

Snapchat has launched its own mini-program platform baked into the social network.

Known as Snap Minis, Snapchat’s aim is to offer small miniature applications inside of the Snapchat platform on Android and iOS, encouraging users to spend more time in the app.

Snap Minis are designed to be simple, lightweight, and offer limited functionality. Rather than being actual apps, these programs are built using HTML so they load quickly and efficiently.

Right now, there are four Snap Minis on the platform – Headspace, Flashcards, Prediction Master, and Let’s Do It – each offering its own unique features. For example, one is designed for meditation, one for studying with friends, and one for making fun decisions together.

Snapchat also teased that a dedicated Coachella app will launch next month, designed to help users coordinate their visit to the festival, as well as Movie Tickets by Atom, which will allow you to book movie tickets with friends and pay for individual tickets.

Saturn will allow users to share and compare class schedules with ease, ideal for back to school season.

Apple announced a similar concept to Snap Minis and WeChat Mini Programs at this year’s WWDC.

App Clips can be accessed via messages and QR codes, and allow you to access part of an app without having to download and install it. These Clips will be valuable in a whole number of use cases, including paying for car parking or collecting loyalty stamps.

Will you be trying out this new feature? Let us know and check back soon for an update.

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