iPhone SE luring Android users, delivered strong results for Apple in Q2 2020 The low-cost iPhone SE, which is available for just $399, has proven to be popular amongst Android users

Apple’s new low-cost iPhone SE has proven to be a “bright spot” for the global smartphone market, which has otherwise fallen 25% year-over-year during Q2 2020 due to COVID-19.

According to data from Counterpoint Research, Samsung managed to hold off most of the decline with its smartphone unit shipments falling around 10% in the second quarter of the year, whilst Alcatel saw a decline of 11%. Overall, Apple’s volumes dropped by 23% when compared to the same quarter last year; LG dropped 35%, OnePlus 60%, and ZTE 68%.

Despite Apple’s sales falling in the period, the new iPhone SE reportedly helped the firm avoid a further crash. According to Jeff Fieldhack of Counterpoint Research, Apple’s new venture into affordable mobiles helped the company sell above expectations.

He also argued that the second-generation iPhone SE was “unlikely” to cannibalize iPhone 12 sales, either.

Speaking of the data, he said: “Apple volumes grew through the quarter and were especially helped by iPhone SE volumes. The device has been successful and selling above expectations in both postpaid and prepaid channels.

“Since the iPhone SE launched, carrier stores and national retail have been re-opening. Some channels saw large promos to draw shoppers back to stores. This was especially true within Walmart, Metro by T-Mobile, and Boost.

“Our checks show that iPhone SE sales are unlikely to be cannibalizing fall 5G iPhone sales. iPhone SE buyers are more pragmatic about price, less concerned with 5G, and the smaller display is not considered a hindrance.”

Counterpoint Research also confirms that the new low-cost iPhone SE, which is available for just $399 in the United States compared to the iPhone 11 Pro’s $999 price tag, has proven to be popular amongst Android users, with 26% of buyers switching from Android.

“Over 30% of iPhone SE buyers came from using an iPhone 6S or older handset—handsets four years old or older. Over 26% of iPhone SE users moved over from an Android device, which is higher than normal Android to iOS switching,” Jack Fieldhack added in his report.

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected smartphone sales, and with economic uncertainty around the world, it’s expected that Q3 and Q4 of this year will also suffer.

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 12 – complete with a new design and 5G connectivity – in September, but only time will tell whether the firm is able to encourage users to upgrade.

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