Tariffs begin on Macs, HomePod, and other devices in the US

Apple products including Macs and the HomePod are now subject to a 30% tariff.

The US Trade Representative implemented President Trump’s planned 30% tariff on goods that are imported from China, which could have a big impact on Apple’s bottom line.

The US Trade Representative added that a 15% tariff on other goods will be implemented on December 15, which will impact other Apple goods such as the iPhone and iPad.

Trump’s new tariffs are in response to the Chinese government’s retaliation against tariffs implemented by the United States.

China subsequently introduced its own tariffs against goods imported from the US – a market worth an eye-watering $75 billion yet commonly overlooked.

The September tariffs affect all desktop Macs as well as audio equipment, which covers around 3,000 different products, totaling more than $125 billion, according to reports.

What’s more, items featuring components made in China, such as lithium-ion batteries, are also affected by the tariffs, further increasing Apple’s potential costs down the line.

By December 15, iPhones will be subject to part of the tariffs, as the United States Trade Representative has confirmed “telephones for cellular networks or other wireless networks” will be included if they are manufactured in China.

How this will impact iPhone sales remains to be seen, but with Apple expected to release three brand new iPhones next week (the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11R), it’s not good news.

It’s unknown how Apple will react to the tariffs, but previous speculation has suggested the company will absorb the tariff on iPhones and other products to protect their sales.

What are your thoughts on the new trade tariffs? Do you think Apple will respond by upping prices or passing on some of the costs to consumers? Let us know on Twitter and check back soon for more news and rumors on everything Apple, every week.

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