Twitter Adds Convo Ranking and Direct Reply Count to iOS App

Twitter Adds Convo Ranking and Direct Reply Count to iOS App

Twitter has added a couple of neat features for tweet chats in its iOS app: conversations ranked to make seeing the most interesting tweets easier, and direct reply counts.

Twitter today used its support account on the microblogging site to break the news about these tweaks. With the conversation ranking, replies are ordered not necessarily chronologically, but instead to bring what signals deem the most relevant content to the top of the pile.

As Twitter explains in a support document, replies are likelier to be ranked higher should they come from the original Tweet author or someone you follow. Intriguingly, it looks like such conversation ranking actually debuted on the web version of Twitter way back in June 2015

Meanwhile, any Tweet can now display its own direct reply count, just like it can already show how many likes and Retweets it has attracted. The direct reply count appears as a number beside the ‘reply’ icon, and indicates how many direct replies have been made to the Tweet.

These interface additions are now available in the Twitter iOS app, which is free to download in versions optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

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