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Twitter Clamps Down on Instagram Links

Twitter are telling users to stop posting Instagram links. The micro-blogging service has asked high-profile users to post photos directly to Twitter instead, saying this will ensure “your fans always see them”. The two social networks have a fierce rivalry, and Instagram stopped allowing photos taken with their app to appear within tweets just over two years ago. Twitter responded by allowing users to edit and add filter effects to photos taken whilst using their service.

Instagram is owned by Twitter’s main rival Facebook. Experts are seeing the move as an attempt to draw popular users away from Instagram. A large number of celebrities post links to Instagram on Twitter, but they are now being told to cease doing so. Instagram reported a figure of 300 million monthly active users in December 2012. The latest figures released by Twitter say that their service is used by 284 million active users per month.

Twitter is now being seen as a versatile multimedia platform that allows users to post multiple photos within tweets and offers embedded YouTube links. It’s thought that the service will soon allow users to post in-app video. Twitter look likely to persevere with their aim of being the number one photo sharing site for celebrities.

Do you think Twitter are trying to monopolize photo-sharing? Tell us your thoughts below.

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