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Twitter Is Replacing The Moments Tab With ‘Explore’

Twitter’s Moments tab that appeared at the bottom center of their app is being scrapped in favor of a new feature which they are calling Explore. The function will search for content similarly to the way Instagram’s Explore feature does, pushing the best content to the top.

Explore will be an amalgamation of trends, Moments and noteworthy live videos that will allow the most popular tweets to surface. This will be overall popularity, as opposed to the Discover tab, which showed you tweets that were popular among the people you follow.

The Moments tab was a way for users to read notable tweets from different high profile accounts that are specially curated by Twitter editors that were constantly being updated. Moments will still be present as a lesser part of Explore, but Twitter aims to put more emphasis on trending topics and search above the curated content of Moments.

The question remains: do people care about what is trending the most on Twitter? Many people simply use Twitter as a means of mass communication and a way of staying up to date with the news. What’s trending the most might not be what people want to read; leaving the both the Moments and Explore features in a weird place.

As hard as Twitter tries to tweak their tabs and create more functions, people are still going to just use it as a way of looking up Trump’s latest rants.

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