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Twitter Reaches Crucial Agreement for Return of Politwoops

It looks like the political transparency tool Politwoops will soon return to Twitter, following an agreement that the social network says it has reached with two foundations behind Politwoops.

In a new post on the official Twitter blog, Colin Crowell, the company’s Vice President for Global Public Policy, recalled CEO Jack Dorsey’s pledge, back in October, to “empower organizations that bring more transparency to public dialogue, such as Politwoops”.

The social network had, earlier in 2015, shut down numerous Twitter accounts belonging to various international arms of Politwoops. However, Crowell has broke the news that “we have come to an agreement with The Sunlight Foundation and The Open State Foundation around Politwoops.”

The rest of the blog post is quite cryptic, revealing very few concrete details about the terms of this agreement. Nonetheless, Arjan El Fassed, the founder of The Open State Foundation, told Business Insider that different countries’ versions of Politwoops will return to Twitter during “the coming weeks”.

El Fassed has also enthused to Twitter: “This agreement is great news for those who believe that the world needs more transparency. Our next step is now to continue and expand our work to enable the public to hold public officials accountable for their public statements.”

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