Twitter will charge iOS users $11/mo for Twitter Blue

Twitter will reportedly charge iOS users $11 for its upcoming Twitter Blue subscription relaunch. That’s in an attempt to overcome Apple’s 30% App Store “tax” Twitter would pay.

Twitter Blue, which offers the social network’s users a number of exclusive benefits including the much-requested blue verification badge, was paused after Elon Musk first launched it due to widespread abuse on the platform.

When the service launched under Musk, Twitter charged users $7.99 per month, and the service was exclusively available on iOS. Now, according to The Information, Twitter has been working on a new pricing structure, and one of those is that iOS users will pay more.

By increasing the price of the subscription, Musk can benefit from the same profit margin as a standard $7.99 subscription, whilst complying with Apple’s rules regarding in-app purchases. Twitter will likely direct people to its website or desktop site, where users will still be able to pay $7.99 and use their own debit or credit card.

Several other companies have adopted a similar model, including Spotify, funnelling users away from the iOS payment method and towards their website to subscribe.

Twitter will relaunch its Blue subscription on Friday, and introduce new badge colors to differentiate between government accounts, businesses, and consumers.

Are you going to be subscribing to Twitter Blue? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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